Range Rules Know them before you shoot

When two or more shooters are on the range, one person must be appointment as the Range Officer.
Single shooters will act as their own Range Officer and follow attached rules.
The Range Officer will ensure that:

    • When using any range, the red flag at the entrance of that range must be up when the range is in use.
    • The first shooter must put flag up when arriving at the range before shooting commences and the last shooter must take flag down when shooting is finished.
    • All firearms are unloaded during “CEASE FIRE” and no firearm is to be handled while any person is down range.
    • All firearms on the firing line or uncased MUST be unloaded and actions open until the load command is given. Long guns when not in use must be place barrel up in the racks.
    • Firearms are to be carried muzzle up, open breech
    • Break action firearms are to be carried muzzle down and action open
    • Shooting is only permitted from the designated firing line.
    • No spectators forward of the designated firing line.
    • You must not shoot at target frames or range equipment
    • Approved targets only, no cans or bottles
    • Prohibited, tracer, and armour piercing ammunition is not permitted on any ranges.
    • No reloading or re-manufacturing of ammunition on the range
    • Children are to be under adult supervision at all times
    • All projectiles are to be fired at the backstop
    • Ear and eye protection is recommended
    • No alcohol or drugs allowed.
    • Types of firearms and ammunition must comply with the posted range rules and restrictions.
    • No discharge of firearms other than shotguns on the shotgun range.
    • The gate must be locked at all times


Clean up targets, sweep the floor and deposit brass into garbage. Any shell casings deposited ahead of the firing line must also be recovered. This range is enjoyably clean because we take pride in what we do.
Ensure the Range is left in a safe condition before leaving.


Please note: These rules are in addition to the General Range Rules
The Range Safety Flag System – this procedure MUST be followed during all range use:

Range is in use (HOT)
Red flag is visible mounted in the holder
It is safe to fire at targets down range
Range is CLOSED
Guns are unloaded, actions open and placed in the racks
Targets on the Range can be changed


The Tweedsmuir Park Rod & Gun Club wishes to maintain a safe environment for all its members and non-members at the range and its facilities. It is deemed unacceptable to break the rules. Serious violations will be dealt with severely, ignorance of the rules is not an excuse. If accused of violating any of the TPRG rules, members and non-members have the right to a hearing at the next Executive meeting.

Please take note
The Caregiver and the Range Officer may demand violators leave the property immediately
The Executive has the right to remove membership privileges or suspend membership and
The Executive also has the right to ban violators from future access to the property

RangeMaster -Jason Blackwell-250-692-4880
Caretaker- Murray Stevens- 692-4323